On Friday, January 28, 1944, a worldwide radio broadcast announced the establishment of the International House, the predecessor to the World Trade Center of New Orleans. Two years later the International Trade Mart was founded, and later merged with the International House to be housed in a new gleaming structure at the foot of canal.

The formal dedication ceremony took place on April 30, 1968, as part of a larger celebration of the 250th anniversary of the founding of New Orleans. To mark the occasion, ambassadors flocked to the city from all over the globe, people celebrated at dozens of parades and banquets, and the Organization of American States brought its first meeting outside of Washington, D.C. to New Orleans.

The International Trade Mart sought to develop trade by assisting in the creation of joint ventures, prioritizing educational projects, and collaborating with organizations that shared similar goals. The establishment of the International Trade Mart sparked the formation of a global league of trade centers. This league, now the World Trade Centers Association, today encompasses 300 World Trade Center organizations in 92 countries.

Seventy years later, the World Trade Center of New Orleans continues the mission of the International House and International Trade Mart by pursuing more opportunities for our members and demonstrating to the world that Louisiana offers a profitable environment where businesses can thrive.

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