The World Trade Center of New Orleans (WTCNO) advocates at the state and federal levels, representing the needs of its members and the greater Louisiana international business community. The WTCNO supports legislation that enhances the business environment for foreign direct investment and enables our Louisiana-based companies to explore and expand into overseas markets.

The World Trade Center has established partnerships with +75 government and economic development agencies, institutions, and NGO’s to enhance our advocacy capabilities at all levels of government. Partnerships enable our organization to have a broader reach and larger sounding board for aggressive advocacy on key issues affecting our business landscape and trade relationships.

Our advocacy agenda is driven by the industry priorities and challenges addressed within our Industry Committees, enabling our organization to strategically focus our efforts on key issues affecting our members.

Top Policy Priorities

  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duties
  • Small and Medium Size Business Development

Key Initiatives

World Trade Center Mississippi River Alliance

The World Trade Center Mississippi River Alliance (WTCMSRA) is an initiative led by the WTCNO in partnership with nine World Trade Centers located within the Mississippi River Basin. The Alliance unites key stakeholders and decision makers along the river and establishes a clear channel of communication in order to share region-specific information related to river factors which directly or indirectly impact the collective regions and vast number of companies represented in the Alliance.

This shared information includes issues related to river conditions, depth, funding, access, and environmental or other factors impacting the flow of goods through the Mississippi River and its ports.

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Louisiana Trade Alliance

The Louisiana Trade Alliance (LTA) is a World Trade Center of New Orleans led initiative aimed at putting international trade at the forefront of the 2015 Louisiana Gubernatorial Race. The LTA is seeking Louisiana businesses to join in support for the Alliance by “signing on” to our letter of petition to the candidates.