As part of our research and education initiatives, the World Trade Center of New Orleans publishes trade specific information, including Louisiana Export Statistics for the State of Louisiana on a quarterly and annual basis. We are the trusted source for Louisiana export data, cited by public and private sector entities, academic institutions, and media outlets both locally and abroad.

The World Trade Center of New Orleans offers a full-service research and consulting hub through its Trade Services Department. The Department provides trade-specific research, education, and consulting to members, non-members, private entities, media, and the general public.

The World Trade Center also actively works on collaborative research projects with its partners and universities such as Tulane University and the University of Southern Mississippi.

Louisiana By the Numbers

  • In 2014, Louisiana exports set at new record of $65.1 billion
  • Louisiana’s primary export industries are Petroleum and Coal Products, Agricultural Products and Chemicals.
  • Port Fourchon in Louisiana, supplies the United States with 15-18% of its entire oil supply
  • 60% of all grain exported from the U.S. is shipped on the Mississippi River through Louisiana’s ports.