Louisiana’s Logistical Advantage

Louisiana business is booming, and businesses themselves are primed for global expansion. Since 2008, Louisiana has been home to economic development projects responsible for the creation of more than 63,000 jobs and more than $28 billion in new capital investments. Similar to its investment success, Louisiana has more than doubled its exports since 2009, and currently ranks sixth among U.S. states in terms of highest dollar export value.

Home to some of the busiest ports in the U.S., the Port of Louisiana, and the largest port district in the Western Hemisphere, the Port of New Orleans, with more than 30 individual deep and shallow water ports and related infrastructure, international trade is abundantly available to businesses in Louisiana. Being close to the Mississippi River provides Louisiana with many shipping opportunities. As a top national exporter, every year Louisiana exports more than 56 billion worth of commodities and finished goods to the rest of the United States making Louisiana’s inland and coastal ports essential to the local and national economy. More than any other U.S. state, Louisiana has a multi-modal advantage given its plethora of rail, port, aviation and highway networks. Louisiana is also one of only two states in the U.S. where all six of North America’s Class One railroads converge, and the only state where all six railroads have direct access to major ports.

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To learn more, visit the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and the Ports Association of Louisiana.