Louisiana Consular Corps

Today there are 59 operating career and honorary consulates in Louisiana, serving countries on five continents.  Notably, in recent years, several countries in Africa have opted for the first time ever to open Consulates in Louisiana.  These include Tanzania and South Africa.  While for many years through the 1800’s and into the 1970’s, New Orleans and Louisiana hosted a large number of career or full-time Consuls and Consuls General, more lately, with global budget reductions and the advent and acceleration of the internet age, Louisiana, like every other major city in the world, has seen a decline in the number of career postings and an increase in the number of honorary or non-career consuls.


Roles and Responsibilities

The Louisiana Consular Corps works closely with leading state, federal, regional and local economic development organizations and government agencies to identify and foster trade and commercial opportunities and the exchange of goods and services between nations represented by the Consuls themselves and the city, state and region.  Among the Corps closest partners are the World Trade Center of New Orleans (the world’s first World Trade Center organization), the Louisiana Department of Economic Development, and the Mayor’s Office of the City of New Orleans.  Numerous other regional economic development and trade organizations are also of great assistance to the Corps.

Specific responsibilities of Consuls vary from country to country but generally include:

  • Assistance with trade and commercial opportunities or obstacles
  • Assistance with passport or visa issues
  • Providing information for tourists to and from their home country
  • Fostering cultural and educational exchange
  • Representing their home countries at a wide variety of civic, economic, cultural and governmental events and occasions

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